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Things in your home you may have never cleaned (but should!)

No one, or at least not many people like cleaning. A lot of times we only clean things we can see like windows, floors, counters, etc. There are a lot of unseen things in your home also that need regular cleaning to prevent issues down the road. here are some things you may be missing and this blog post can help you give them a deep clean!

Inside Dryer and Dryer Vent

Built-up lint inside dryer cabinets causes more than 15,000 fires every year. Lint escapes through tiny gaps around the edges of the dryer drum and falls into the cabinet, especially when the exhaust vent or vent cap is clogged and airflow is restricted. The lint can get ignited by electric heating elements, gas burners or even a spark from the motor, and the flames then travel through the lint-lined exhaust vent. To make sure this doesn't happen in your house, check the exhaust vent and the inside of the cabinet frequently.


Your deck is in the elements all year long. It is exposed to a lot of sun, heat, cold, rain and snow. Giving it a proper cleaning and updating it with fresh stain it can give your deck plenty of years of life.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding stays pretty clean but occasionally mold and other debris can collect on it and that is when it is a good idea to give it a good cleaning.

Bath Fan Grill

Dust debris, humidity, and moisture can build up on the exhaust fan. Since it is usually on the ceiling you may see that it is dirty. Bath fan grills are easy to clean. Grab the edge of the cover and pull down. Squeeze the springs to release them from the slots and remove the cover. This will expose everything that you need to clean.

Water Heater

Extend the life of your water heater tank and maintain your water heater's efficiency and safety with a few minutes of basic maintenance once a year. By checking the relief valve and draining 2-3 gallons out of the tank this will ensure the water heater last longer and cut down on our utility bill.

Garage Floor

Your garage floor is going to get dirty, but if you haven't swept or washed it in years, it's time to clean it. Not only will your garage feel clean, you will get rid of all kinds of nasty stuff (rocks, salt, dirt and more) that you might otherwise end up tracking into your house.

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