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Should I replace that rotted wood?

As the climate is ever changing here in the mid west it is a nightmare for the exterior woodwork on our homes. During the seasons the wood gets exposed to rain, snow, sunshine, and moisture. When our home is constantly being exposed to these elements we can find rotten wood all over the exterior of the home. With my experience I have seen it on door trim, deck boards, window sills, fences, siding and many other areas. Occasionally you can cut out the rot and replace it but that is like putting a band aid on it. The ultimate solution is to replace the rotten wood completely. It will at first seem more economical to fix just the small area but over time new pieces butting up to old ones place another seam in the wood and becomes another place in the wood that can potentially leak. Wood rots because of a few things. It is mostly from water, no light, no air circulation, and warmth.

Mold spores are usually carried by water into wood crevices; rain and wind can also carry particles of dirt which can turn into mold. Mold spreads rapidly when in an optimal environment, such as a moist wood crevice. Rotting wood is a place in your home that can invite critters and termites, so every new season should be a reminder to check any exterior woodwork for mold or insect infestation.

Mold can also be a health hazard when touched or inhaled, so to prevent any problems or concerns replace any rotting wood before your family begins spending more time on the deck or around other exterior woodwork.

With the weather starting to finally start improving this is a perfect time of year to replace your exterior wood work before the festivities of late Spring and Summer begin.

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