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Great Things To Know Before You Hire A Handyman

There comes a time when you as a homeowner may need professional help with a project, repairs, or maintenance on your home. If you are unsure how to complete the project or just may not have the skill set for it then it is best to hire a professional Handyman. Everyone has a knack and are good at some things but not others. No matter what you need done you can find a professional Handyman who is not only able but willing to do a wide scope of things like paint a room in your house, install a new door, put up new trim, or even do landscaping for you. Although a lot of handymen do a lot of things it is important to find one that does not just do anything or everything but is excellent at what they do and it looks and is truly a professional job that was done. It is your hard earned money you are spending on making your home look and be more beautiful than it was before they did the work. Here are some things to know before hiring someone.

Make A list of things you want done.

Be upfront with your expectations so that the Handyman can make sure this is within his abilities to complete the tasks at hand. Be specific with your list.

Seek and look for local references and reviews.

Something that will be less stressful and make your decision on who to hire a lot easier is to hear someone rave about a certain handyman or write a 5 star review about them. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a professional Handyman.

Use local resources in finding a Professional Handyman.

Turn to places like a local facebook/neighborhood page that you can turn to in order to get reliable referrals for a Handyman Professional in your area. An established Handyman will make an effort to be known in the community and be known for his work.

Confirm your Handyman is Insured.

This one is HUGE! A Handyman on your property should be fully insured, bonded or licensed depending on what type of work they are performing. If they get injured on your property and are not insured you will be held fully liable! Any reputable and professional Handyman will carry insurance to cover them if they cause any damage to your property.

Request estimates for materials and labor prior to starting any projects.

request an estimate from a handyman before you hire them. They should be within about 10% of the final cost. make sure you both come to an agreement before work is started to ensure that you pay no more than a certain amount of money. If the handyman has to shop for materials for the project be prepared that they will charge for that also.

Get a written estimate or agreement.

A written estimate or agreement eliminates and confusion, forgotten items, or miscommunication. A professional Handyman should clearly list in any estimate what is included and what is excluded in the work being that is to be done. This will also insure he or she is going to stand behind the work. Ask a lot of questions. It is ok to do this! It is your home.

I would like to mention that not every Handyman will charge the same. But with that being said don't always go with someone that has the lowest price out there. Yes this will save you a few bucks upfront but in the long run if they don't use good materials, provide quality work, or actually even know what they are doing for your project this could cost you way more money than if it would of been done correctly the first time. I have seen too many times Handymen cutting corners and not doing things up to professional standards that cause the homeowner unnecessary stress and disappointment in bad work. Every Handyman should be prompt, do good work, and clean up when they are done. You as a homeowner should be provided nothing less. Hopefully this helps for when the time comes to hire a professional Handyman. Thanks for reading my blog! Have a great May. Check out where I rank on youtube for more how to content!

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