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Make sure that snowblower is ready before the snow falls!

As winter is fast approaching if you are doing your own maintenance now is a good time to make sure your snowblower is ready before the snow starts to fall. A good running snowblower works better, makes your job of clearing the snow easier, and in turn gets you back inside your warm home quicker. These easy tips along with reading your owners manual will ensure your snowblower runs great all season.

Use Fresh, High Quality Fuel

Use fresh fuel. Fuel over time goes bad and gets stale. The old fuel can leave deposits that are harmful to your fuel system. It is best to use a national brand to ensure your getting good-quality fuel. Fuel can go bad in as little as 30 days. So only get enough for 30 days or put a fuel stabilizer into the fuel. You can find fuel stabilizers at your local auto parts stores.

Check Your Spark Plug

Starting your snow blower will be much easier if the spark plug is in good condition. If you aren't sure replace it. This will provide a much better spark to ignite the engine. Also check and make sure the spark wire is connected to the spark plug and it is secure.

Check The Oil

If you have a snowblower where the oil is separate from the gas and didn't change the oil now is the time. The oil can get contaminated from the exhaust of the engine from buildup. Contamination over time can ruin the internal parts over time.

Check Your Owners Manual

Always refer to your owners manual for proper operating and safety procedures. It usually tells you what to do for annual maintenance also.

Do An Annual Inspection

Always perform an annual inspection. Check the rotor blades for wear. Inspect the drive belt for cracking or fraying. It doesn't hurt to have an extra belt on hand in case of a belt failure while operating your snowblower. Check and tighten fasteners. If you are an avid DIYer or like to perform most maintenance on your own most manufacturers carry genuine replacement parts which you can purchase instead of after market parts. Usually all you need is the model number and serial number to order parts.

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